Interpersonal Skills Training

The following Firehouse Training interpersonal skills training programs will enhance employees’ knowledge and awareness when working with others individually or in groups. These courses will educate the employee on dealing with conflict, working in a diverse environment and enhancing the culture in the workplace.

Managing Conflict Training for EMPLOYEES

This Firehouse Training course identifies appropriate responses to conflict in the workplace. Topics in this course include Conflict Resolution Styles, Selecting Styles, Collaboration Guidelines, and Application. This is an ideal course for employees looking for training in management, conflict resolution and leadership skills.

Diversity Training

This Firehouse Training online Diversity in the Workplace course discusses diversity, the obstacles that can prevent people from accepting it, and what employees can do to embrace and encourage diversity in their workplace, including the fire station.

Aboriginal Awareness Training

This Firehouse Training online Aboriginal Awareness course introduces the concept of culture to set the foundation for discussion of Canada’s Aboriginal people, their values, concerns and history.

Workplace Culture & Ethics Training

This Firehouse Training online Workplace Culture & Ethics Training includes education on ethical conduct, the benefits of doing the right thing, and practical steps for making ethical and positive choices in the workplace.

Leadership Skills Training

Workplaces are actively looking for employees with training in leadership skills and development, and the following Firehouse Training online courses will provide just that. We have courses in the areas of Leadership Fundamentals, Leadership for Safety, Effective Communication, Accident Investigations and Organizational Roles & Supervisory Training.

Mental Health Training

Mental health training and awareness is a must have for any employee in the workplace. This section covers Firehouse Training certifications in Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Training, First Responder Wellness and Dealing with Cannabis and Workplace Safety.


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